Red and Green Paint Ideas

Red and Green Paint Ideas

Red and Green Paint Ideas

The colors of red and green have long been used to represent the Christmas season. You are likely to see a number of red and green holiday lights, wreaths, tinsel, wrapping paper, ribbon, and many other Christmas red and/or green decorations, too. You will also see some places that use red and/or green paint to symbolize the holiday season.

If you have ever thought about painting some portion of your home or business a holiday color, then we have some paint ideas for you. You may be thinking of big or small paint projects, such as painting just the front door of your home or business or maybe painting an accent wall for the holiday season. You may even decide to paint an entire room, such as a dining room, with typical Christmas colors. Whatever the painting project is that you have in mind, perhaps one of the paint colors below will provide you with the inspiration you are looking for, in order to make your surroundings a festive, eye-catching environment.

A couple of the red paint options that you may want to consider include; Arroyo Red from Benjamin Moore or Positive Red from Sherwin-Williams. Arroyo Red is a beautiful, deep, dark red that would look stunning on a front door. This rich red is almost a burgundy color and would be a nice backdrop to almost all of your holiday decorations. Positive Red is much lighter and brighter than Arroyo Red, but still highlights the traditional holiday colors, often associated with Christmas. Positive Red is a beautiful, rich red that is almost the color of a batch of red, long-stemmed roses.

Green paint is another option for those folks that want to use paint as part of their holiday decorating. A couple of green options include; Greenway by Valspar or Clover Green by Benjamin Moore. Greenway is a paint color that is similar to that of fresh-cut green grass. It is a fresh, light shade of green that would welcome people into your home, or would brighten-up any space indoors, as well. Clover Green is much darker than Greenway and will make a bold statement wherever you place it. It will add a bit of warmth to your home, as well as to your holiday or Christmas decorations.

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