Teal Is The Deal

Teal Is The Deal

Teal Is The Deal

The color teal is a blend of blue and green. The hues of teal range from light and wispy to dark and sophisticated. Teal is often associated with elegance, classic style, and peacefulness. Teal can be bold without being overbearing. It can add great appeal to interior settings in a home or business, and the color blends nicely with many other colors around a room. Teal mixes well with white, black, tan, gray, pink, and so much more. If you are looking for a fun, fresh, and attractive paint color to use for your next painting project, then teal might be the color for you to consider. 

As mentioned above, teal paint is available in a wide array of hues. If you are interested in a light and bright teal, then perhaps Benjamin Moore’s Kokopelli Teal (648) is the one for you. This rich, creamy color reminds many people of turquoise, and it will add pizazz to any room you choose to paint. A child will delight in the fresh color on the walls of their room or in a playroom area, or it can also look lovely in a sunroom, pantry, kitchen, or other space that you want to add light and brilliance.

Really Teal (SW 6489) by Sherwin-Williams is a much darker and richer shade of teal. This bold and daring teal color is warm and welcoming on the front door of a home. It can also look beautiful in a half bath, on a bookcase in a den, as an accent wall, or in any other place that you want to create a bold statement in your home. 

One last teal paint color that you may want to consider is Paradise Landscape (P460-6) by Behr. This paint color resembles the color of an outdoor swimming pool on a hot summer day. It is regarded as a medium shade of teal and is a wonderful option for a den, kitchen, home office, or bedroom.    

As you begin your search for the perfect color of teal for your next painting project, you may be mesmerized by the spectacular shades that are available for you. Teal can be seen everywhere; on painted walls, throw pillows, rugs, bookcases, lamps, electronics, drinking glasses, blankets, and so many other places. If you are a fan of the teal color, then you will be pleased by all the teal paint colors that you will find during your research.


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