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The Contrasting Paint Colors of Black and White

The Contrasting Paint Colors of Black and White

There is no doubt about the fact that mixing the two contrasting paint colors of black and white in the same room is a very classic and striking visual appearance. The opposing colors complement one another, as each color stands alone just fine, but when they are joined together, they create a clean, crisp space that is unattainable by using any other two colors. 

White walls are still, and have always been, very fashionable and reasonable for any homeowner or business owner.  However, plain white walls do not have to be boring or stark, especially when you pair white painted walls with contrasting black doors, window sills, trim work, or some other surface in the room.

Black and white are beautiful together, as seen on the keys of a grand piano, on the fur of a panda bear, on an eight ball in a billiards game, on the rectangle of a domino, along a tile floor, and many other places that probably seem ordinary to many people.  When used together along painted surfaces, black and white paint colors create a classic appearance that is undeniably attractive. Although they are opposites in color, they are remarkable when placed side-by-side.

If you are looking for a way to add a little more pizzazz to your space, while still using the basic colors of black and white, you may want to add a glossy sheen to either the black paint or the white paint, or to both of them, if your painted project calls for such shininess. Glossy paint reflects light, thus making the painted space feel brighter and happier. 

On the contrary, when you use a matte finish for the black and/or the white paint, you create a style that is bolden and mysterious, due to the fact hat matte finishes absorb more light than other paint finishes.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with the color options of black and white paint, when used in a room together.  The classic effect that these two colors have on one another is basic, timeless, and bold.

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