The Paint Color Mauve

The Paint Color Mauve

Mauve is classified as a pale, purple color that can be used as a paint color option in several rooms throughout your home or business.  Mauve is a very warm and inviting color, and most people will associate mauve with a feeling of calmness and serenity.  If you are considering paint options for your next painting project, then mauve is certainly a color worth investigating.

Mauve is a color that is often associated with mystery and distinctive ambiance, perhaps because mauve-colored walls tend to change in color shade, depending on the amount of light, and the light source, that is within a room.  During the day, with the bright sun shining through the windows, mauve often appears bolder and more purple in color, especially when compared to the same wall that is illuminated by soft-white lightbulbs during the evening hours.  At night, mauve-colored walls tend to express a warm, cozy atmosphere, with its’ dulled, muted colors.

The paint color mauve is a versatile color that will blend nicely with many types of home, or business, décor designs.  Mauve blends nicely with white, tan, navy, black, gray, dark purple, silver, and many other colors, so finding the right décor to match mauve-colored walls should not be a big issue for most property owners.  From finding curtains, rugs, furniture, lamps, and other decorative items, you will have a wide range of patterns, textures, and color options to choose from, when picking out the best compliments for your mauve-themed room(s).

As a homeowner, or a business owner, it is an important decision when you are picking out paint colors for the interior surfaces of your home or business, in part, because you will probably have the same color on your walls for at least a few years in the future.  Mauve is available in several different shades, and through research at your local paint shop, you should be able to find a mauve shade that you enjoy and that you will treasure, for the distinctive environment that you are trying to create.

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