Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams

2021 Color of the Year from Sherwin-Williams

2021 Color of the Year from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has chosen Urbane Bronze (SW-7048) as the paint color of the year for 2021. A bold, classic, natural, and calming choice, Urbane Bronze is a beautiful paint color that can be used just about anywhere in a home or business setting.

Urbane Bronze is available as interior paint and exterior paint. There are many complementary paint colors that can be used with Urbane Bronze, such as Messenger Bag (SW-7740) or Modern Gray (SW-7632). Messenger Bag has a tint of dark green to it and is an easy choice for people who want to use bold colors for their paint project. Modern Gray, however, is much lighter in tone and evokes a feeling of crispness and simple living.

Urbane Bronze is described as an earthy paint color that appears to be dark brown in some settings, and muted, dark gray in other areas. There is just a hint of a bronze undertone, which gives it a unique color blend. Urbane Bronze is a distinctive color option that emits a feeling of confidence, calmness, warmth, and sophistication. If you can think of worn, smooth stones that can be found in the bed of a mountain stream, that you may be able to picture the dark, bronze color of Urbane Bronze.

This color choice can work easily in almost any room of the home. It stands out as a kitchen cabinet color or as an accent wall in a living room. It is also beautiful on interior/exterior doors, window frames, molding, bedroom areas, bathrooms, closets, and almost anywhere else that you want to create a feeling of depth and richness. This nature-inspired color is classy, serene, and comfortable in many different places.

As you are thinking about new colors for your home or business, you may want to research more about this distinctive paint color, Urbane Bronze. You can find a wealth of ideas online, as well as at your local paint-supply shop. The Urbane Bronze paint ideas are boundless.

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