5 paint trends to avoid

5 Paint Trends To Avoid In 2018

Deciding what color to paint a room in your house is a nerve-racking decision. Painting a room can take a lot of time and effort to complete, so ensuring that you a pick a color that you are going to be happy with for a long time is vital.

Paint companies like Behr and Sherwin-Williams spend a lot of time and money studying consumer paint trends before reporting these trends to consumer and press. According to these companies’ reports of paint trends, these are a few of the colors you might want to avoid, and what you could replace them with.


Mint used to be a very popular color choice for homeowners across the country; however,  you can expect tamer, olive-toned paint to become more prevalent in interior design. Sherwin-Williams’ color-trends report strongly features these darker tones. These dark olive tones can be paired with icy blues for a very modern look.


According to Pantone, Rose Quartz was 2016’s color of the year, but that trend seems to be falling off. Dustier, darker pinks are expected to become much more prominent than the brighter pinks that we’re used to.


Gray has been a very popular color in recent years due to the appeal of minimalist design. However, Behr predicts warmer sand tones to become more popular in the coming months. Try using two different tones of sand or taupe on your walls for a more modern look.

Bright Red

The popularity of mid-century modern and minimalist design caused a resurgence in the use of bright, fiery reds. The trend of using bold colors seems to be gaining popularity; however, instead of using bright red, you might consider using mustard yellow.


Paint companies are predicting icy tones to overtake lilac in terms of popularity. These soft blues are very common in minimalist Scandinavian interiors, which are rising in popularity.

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