Candy Inspired Paint Colors

Candy-Inspired Paint Colors

Candy-Inspired Paint Colors

Have you ever walked into a candy shop and been in awe of all of the bright, unique colors along the walls?  Think of the multitude of candy bins that hold things like; jaw-breakers, licorice, jelly beans, lemon drops, gummy bears, peppermint sticks, butterscotch drops, and so on.  

Although these may not be colors that you often think about painting on the walls of your home, there may be certain rooms where these color options will work beautifully.  Perhaps you are thinking about painting a young child’s room, a playroom, a mudroom, or a craft room.  You may want to consider your favorite candy-inspired colors to use along the walls, on a cabinet, the ceiling, or some other area.  Some “sweet” paint color options are listed below; perhaps one of these may brighten up a room that you are considering painting.  These are fun, playful colors that can add a great sense of style for your home.

     Mint Smoothie and Key Lime Pie are two paint colors that are offered by Dunn-Edwards.  They are both a light shade of green and can help almost any room in the house appear brighter and airier.  

     Almond Glaze is a color choice from Valspar.  It literally is the color of a slivered almond and adds a bit more color than white, but not as much as a buttercream yellow.

     Pink Powderpuff, offered by Benjamin Moore, is a keen reminder of cotton candy and the joy that it brings when it melts in your mouth.  

     Fountain is a vibrant blue that is offered by Sherwin-Williams.  This color pops on a wall and can awaken the childhood spirit of many people.  

The paint color options seem boundless when you really start to look at the choices that are available.  Perhaps the options listed above can spark a starting point for you to begin with, as you compare and contrast the many shades of candy-inspired paint varieties, for your fun and playful paint project.

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