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Classic Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

Classic Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

If you are a regular paint blog reader, then no doubt you have read numerous articles about bathroom paint colors; however, many of us find that we are always looking for fresh ideas and paint suggestions that sound perfect for our own particular bathrooms.  If you are one of these curious home painters, then we have supplied more ideas for you, if you are looking for a bathroom color that is classic, timeless, and one that you will be happy with, for a long time to come.  Unlike modern, hip, current paint trends, classic paint colors are meant to survive the passage of time, and hopefully, provide many years of comfort, style, and longevity, to any homeowner who is interested in the classic appearance.  Below, you will find some of our classic bathroom suggestions.

-Crisp White:  Although some people may consider white to be too stark within a bathroom setting, it can also be a color that represents crispness and cleanliness.  White can seem very basic and boring to some people, but to others, white can be quite striking and remarkable.  White walls can be softened with the addition of neutral cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and calming accessories. 

-Light Blues:  Blue is a color that is available in a wide range of hues; from the blue of a crisp sky to a blue that is similar to the cool, clear waters of the tropics.  Light blue can be a calming, crisp color that will last the test of time for many years.

-Taupe:  Taupe is a paint color that is certainly timeless, and will provide warmth and character to any bathroom.  Homeowners may want to choose a taupe that has more of a brown base, in order to create an earthy feeling, or choose a taupe that has more gray in it, for a little more light and vibrant ambiance. 

-Charcoal:  In some bathrooms, you may find that charcoal is too dark of a color, but for bathrooms that are on the larger side, charcoal can provide a great feeling of warmth and coziness.  You can also use this darker shade of paint as an accent wall in a bathroom, if you want to use just a bit of this dramatic paint choice.

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