Coat Of Arms

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

If you are looking for a new paint color that will stand out in almost any room in your home, then one choice for you to consider is called Coat of Arms by the Benjamin Moore paint company. This spectacular shade of paint is a rich, warm shade of Cyan, which combines a blend of blue and green paint to create an unforgettable paint color. Coat of Arms is a paint color that adds warmth and character to any space, and it will complement a wide array of decorating styles.

Benjamin Moore offers the Coat of Arms paint color in either interior paint or exterior paint. The company number for this particular paint is Benjamin Moore 763. This paint option falls in the Classic Color Collection that Benjamin Moore offers to customers, and it is characterized as a medium-dark shade of paint. The Classic Color Collection includes paint colors that are timeless and sophisticated. The collection comprises approximately 1680 different hues that professionals and property owners can, and have, enjoyed for many years. Each paint choice in this collection offers a beautiful, distinguishable color that can be used for a wide variety of settings around your home or in your commercial property, too.

Coat of Arms is a great paint color choice for your home’s front door, den, home office, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, bookcase, and a variety of other places, too. The color will complement a variety of other paint colors, upholstered items, and wall decorations, too. Some colors that will blend well with Coat of Arms include; white, gray, gold, black, red, and many other choices, too.

If you have been looking for a blue/green paint color that will enhance your home and create a classic appearance, then Benjamin Moore’s Coat of Arms may be the choice for you. You will be able to find samples of this paint color in your paint supply shop or you can order samples online, as well. Of course, the paint color options on the market are immense; but you may find this paint choice is perfect for your particular painting project.

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