Naval SW 6244 sherwin williams

Color of the Year from Sherwin-Williams

The year 2020 has a lot of potential to be an amazing, memorable, transitional year.  For many people, 2020 will not only be seen as a new year, where it is recognized as a new beginning for varying goals and expectations, but it is also a new decade, where some people believe that anything is possible and achievable.  As for the immediate environment around you, the color that Sherwin-Williams has chosen as their color of the year for 2020, defines independence, confidence, and regality.  Naval (SW 6244) is the color that has been picked by Sherwin-Williams, and it is a color that is undeniably gorgeous.

Naval is a bold, unmistakable color that is rich in a deep, navy/blue/sapphire color.  It is a color choice that can be used throughout the entire home, and can be used for an entire room, or as an accent color, as well.  Naval mixes nicely with a variety of other paint colors, including greens, golds, grays, and many others.  This brilliant color can add a lot of depth to any space, as well as calmness and confidence, too. 

Perhaps the director of color marketing from Sherwin-Williams, Sue Walden, describes the color the best, by stating, “Naval can play into any mood you’re trying to create, whether it’s lively energy for a restaurant, or calm serenity in a hotel room.  Naval merges the desire for rich, inspiring color with the yearning for relaxation and retreat.  In the next 10 years, we’ll continue to move away from omnipresent neutrals and design will feel more personal again”.

The color Naval is certainly a color that is strong and bold.  It is also a color that makes a statement, and as a property owner or designer, you may choose to use this color in any room of the home or business, and to whichever varying extent that you are comfortable with using this color throughout your property.  This beautiful, deep color shade of the year, 2020, will definitely stand out above many other color choices.  Play with it, accept it, and embrace this new color of the new year and of the new decade!

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