Coral Paint Colors Fort Myers FL

Coral Paint Colors

Coral Paint Colors

The color coral is one of those colors that can brighten your mood, as it is a color with energy and vibrancy, thru and thru.  As it was named Pantone’s color of the year, for 2019, coral colored paint can be found in paint shops across the country, and it is available in a variety of shades.  From dark, rich coral to light and airy shades of coral, paint enthusiasts can find the perfect shade for any type of painting project.

For some property owners, coral can be an intimidating paint shade to use throughout a home or in a place of business.  If you are considering the coral paint color for your place, perhaps painting an accent wall may be an option that interest you.  An accent wall, paired with other neutral colored walls, such as creamy white, can have a dramatic effect, without being overwhelming.

Coral paint also pairs well with other paint colors, such as dark teals, golden yellows, or pale, warm pinks.  Walls that are painted coral should compliment the room’s furnishings, décor, and ambiance, as well.  Indoor plants, wall hangings, brass, wood, and light-colored trinkets will pop against coral walls. 

Furthermore, as the sun sets and a room loses its’ natural light, a coral-colored room will become muted and will take on a deeper tone.  This depth in color can create a space that is warm and inviting, so you can rely on the richer tones of coral during the evening hours.

 A couple of popular coral paint colors include; Sherwin- Williams Emotional (SW 6621), Behr’s Pink Mimosa (Behr P180-3), and Glidden’s Cranapple (PPG1190-5).  These three colors are very different in shade, as you can see, as you view the colors online or in a paint supply shop.  With such a wide variety of color choices available, you should investigate which shade of coral will work best for your particular paint project, through research, inspiration, and comparison. Contact the color experts at Noel Painting for more info!

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