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Why Homeowners Are Choosing Darker Colors For The Interior Of Their Homes

Why Homeowners Are Choosing Darker Colors For The Interior Of Their Homes

Darker interior home colors are the newest fad. More and more homeowners are choosing darker paint colors instead of neutral or brighter colors for not only their bedrooms, but their bathrooms, kitchens, and even hallways.

A recent online survey of 540 DIY painters conducted by the Paint Quality Institute reveals, “more than twice as many respondents painted them in a darker shade than the previous paint color versus those who brightened up the room with a lighter hue.” The big question is, why?

Better Sleep

Darker shades create a more restful atmosphere. Sleep experts recommend darker colors in the bedroom as they aren’t over stimulating. Just be sure to avoid the color purple as it is known to be too stimulating for the mind, no matter what the shade may be.


Just as darker colors create a more restful mood in bedrooms, they can have a similar effect in other rooms of the house. Dark walls and trim in a living room can help create a cozier feeling.

More Productive

You are probably asking – how? Didn’t you just say that darker colors are less stimulating? Yes. However, if you spend all day in a white or off-white office and then come home to an equally boring colored home, you won’t get as much stimulation or enjoyment out of where you live as you should. Let out your personality on the interior of your home. This way, you will enjoy coming home just a little more.


Before tackling that daunting paint project, check out some darker colors that may fit into your home and lifestyle. The local experts at Noel Painting are here to help with any residential painting services. Another Way We’re Changing Painting™.

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