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How Your Flooring Impacts Your Wall Color

How Your Flooring Impacts Your Wall Color

Are you looking at changing your home up a bit by painting an accent wall or maybe changing the color scheme completely? Are you trying to match the color choices to your new furniture? Are you trying to use appropriate colors to make the home more energy efficient? Well, these are all very important factors; however, there may be one aspect that you haven’t considered yet.

Flooring impacts interior wall colors immensely by contributing to the vibe of the space. With this, it is best to revamp your room from the bottom up as it is easier to match a paint to the flooring than flooring to the paint. The color hues that you choose can either balance or completely clash with the floor, magnifying it more than desired. One of the biggest things to remember is that if the room’s flooring has more than one prominent color, the wall color/ room’s palette should coordinate accordingly and not rely on just a single, dominant tone.

So, what flooring colors work well with what wall colors?

Warm and Cool Tones

The color tone of your flooring should match that of your wall. You don’t want a warm wall with a cool floor. If the undertones in the flooring are orange, pink, red, yellow, etc., it is warm. If the undertones are purple, blue, gray, green, etc., it is cooler.

Light vs. Dark

Is the flooring that you are considering light or dark? This is something that should definitely be taken into consideration. When choosing a light flooring, lighter paint color options will create a bright space; however, darker paint colors will create a dramatic contrast to the flooring. This isn’t a bad thing, as long as the colors don’t clash. When choosing a darker flooring, lighter paint colors can boost the sense of spaciousness in a room, yet darker colors will create a cozier space.


Laminate flooring often contains more than one shade. If this is the case, use a paint chart and place it against the floor options. Use the chart to identify the two major colors present in the flowing and then select a wall color that belongs in the same “genre” as one of the dominant colors. This will ensure that the colors don’t clash and that the walls blend well with the flooring.

Wood Flooring

Wood automatically brings a warm, natural feel to any space. With the multitude of undertones that can be used in wood flooring, trying to coordinate wall colors can be a huge challenge.

The best rule of thumb is to select a neutral paint color. With the neutral paint, you can be sure that it will flow with gray, orange, or yellow undertones.

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