Does the Humidity Influence Painting the Interior of my Home?

How to Properly Handle the Florida Humidity

In the event that you plan on painting the interior of your home during the summer months, it’s important that you are aware of the humidity factors that may affect your project. Homeowners are mostly caught up with picking color hues, brushes and rollers, that they ignore something so straightforward as the humidity.

Why is it Relevant?

Humidity is an estimation of the water vapor in the air. Our local areas in Florida have higher levels of relative humidity throughout the year, and those levels increase during the summer months. When the humidity is as high as it is, the freshly painted walls will take longer to dry in most cases. This factor is important to be aware of if you have a family or young children that may accidentally make contact with the walls prior to the paint having time to fully dry. Furthermore, if you plan on painting accent walls inside your home, you must be mindful of staggering the times of painting to ensure the areas being painted have had enough time to dry completely.

Moisture in the Air

With the relatively high humidity, the air will endeavor to get dampness from anything it can, including paint. As you apply paint to the walls of your home, the moist air is one of the main causes of a failed painting project. Pay close attention to the air quality in your home to avoid painting during the times of extremely moist air.

What is the Game Plan?

I believe we are all on the same page by knowing if we stopped painting due to humid conditions, our painting projects will never get completed. The key is to lining up the elements so they work in your favor. If you have a functioning air conditioner, running it at a comfortable level will help reduce the humidity levels inside your home. That will certainly help with the elements working in your favor. But I understand not all homes have a functioning air conditioner at all times, especially during remodeling phases. In this situation, it is best to keep all windows in your home open to get a nice cross-breeze through the work area. A crisp summer breeze flowing through your windows will help to reduce the humidity levels enough for a quality interior painting. When there is no breeze, the last step is to get as many fans operating as possible.

Painting your walls or some other indoor area without tending to the issues of humidity can transform a generally simple painting task into a calamity. These tips are just a few ways to combat the challenges of our humidity issues. For expert advice or for a Free Quote on residential painting in the Fort Myers area, contact the pros from Noel Painting today!

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