Adding Patterns to Your Painting Project

How To Keep Them From Making The Room Look Smaller

Are you in love with the latest chevron fad? Are you wanting to paint stripes on an accent wall? Do you love polka dots? There are so many patterns that can add character to a home and the rooms in it. So how do you keep these patterns from making the chosen room look smaller? We are here to help with some pointers!

White with Accents

To begin, the way to any great painting project is appropriate planning. Start by washing the surface to clean off any dirt and debris. Next, rub and sand the surfaces to expel free, peeling and chipping paint. Once the surface is spotless, prime any uncovered substrates with the suitable groundwork. The next step is to select the correct paint for the project.

Use Light Colors

Light and bright colors on walls are more reflective. This easily makes a space feel open. Dark colors absorb light and make a room look smaller. The best tones to use are pastels and softer blues and greens. If you are creating a pattern, use a mixture of light colors that go together or pair a lighter color with white to make the room seem bigger and the walls further back.

Add a Mirror

You can paint the pattern of your choosing and add a mirror to help the room look larger. Mirrors bounce light deep into the room which help it appear larger; therefore, they are most effective near a window to reflect the natural light.

Add Glass Tables

Glass or clear tables (dining, coffee, end tables, etc.) add an open appearance to a room. This is a simple way to open up the room and rely less on the paint pattern that you are wanting.

These are just a few ways to help you paint your desired pattern on the wall without making the room look small. Reach out to us for more advice on residential painting. We hope to hear from you soon!

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