Glidden Paint Color of 2022

Glidden Paint Color of 2022

Glidden Paint Color of 2022

Green paint is very popular this year! The Glidden paint company has another green shade of paint to add to the list of favorite options for consumers, and they chose the brilliant green shade called Guacamole (PPG 1121-5). Yes, Guacamole! If you are a fan of the delicious avocado or the tasty treat that uses avocados, Guacamole, then you are already familiar with the creamy, distinguishable shade of this lovely fruit. 

The paint shade called Guacamole can be used throughout your entire home, especially if you are looking for a vibrant, zesty shade of green. This unique paint color is described as a “spirited yet soothing green” and will look nice in the kitchen of a home or in a bedroom, too. As an example, Guacamole will shine brightly in a kitchen that has white cabinets, neutral countertops, wood floors, and a white tiled backsplash. The color will also look inviting and crisp in a bedroom that is accentuated with rich black furniture, light wood tones, or gold accents, too. Guacamole is a versatile paint color that will add pizazz and character to any space you choose within your home.

The color green appears to be such a trendy color right now because people are looking for ways to bring tranquility and comfort to their surroundings. As one Glidden paint color guru states, “We’ve all saved beautiful green kitchens and earthy-inspired bedrooms on our Pinterest boards and TikToks over the past year and a half, driven by our need for calm, regrowth, and rejuvenation after living through these “unprecedented times’.” Needless to say, living through a pandemic has encouraged people to search for stability and peacefulness within their lives and in their homes, too.

If you have been searching for a paint shade of green that is calming, but is also bright and enlightening, then the shade called Guacamole may be the perfect paint choice for you. A trip to your local paint supply store or an online search can show you many ideas associated with this beautiful paint color choice. The options are immense.


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