Gorgeous Red Paint Options

Gorgeous Red Paint Options

Gorgeous Red Paint Options

Did you know that February is known as the National Heart Month and that the first Friday in February is referred to as “Wear Red Day”? On this particular day, the American Heart Association encourages people to wear red clothing as a way to highlight awareness for heart disease that affects men and women across our country. The color red, of course, is also associated with another special day in February, which is Valentine’s Day. 

Red is a vibrant, distinguishable color. As a color that you wear on your body or as a color that you use in your home décor, the color red can make a significant impact on your surroundings and on the mood that it evokes within the space. If you have been thinking about a red paint color to use in your home, then you may want to check out some of the ideas that we have listed below. Your local paint supply store will have a wealth of options for you to see in person, but this may be a good place to start with some specific red paint colors, too.

Chili Pepper by Benjamin Moore: If you are looking for a color that is saturated with a deep, rich red, then Chili Pepper (BM 2004-20) may be the perfect shade for you. Chili Pepper is a striking, beautiful red paint that will look appealing in a den, a bathroom, or any other part of your home that you want to make a bold statement. This option pairs well with other colors, such as; black, tan, or soft yellow. This rich, red paint has noticeable undertones of brown, which helps to distinguish this gorgeous paint from other shades of red.

Fireweed by Sherwin-Williams: Fireweed (SW6328) is another strikingly rich, red paint color. Many decorators blend this paint option with other colors, such as; pale pink, tan, or black. This red option will highlight a front door, a kitchen, a dining room, and many other places within a home.

Salsa Diane by PPG: For a brighter shade of red, you may want to consider Salsa Diane (PPG 1186-6). PPG describes this particular shade as a “deep, bright, candy apple pink with a ruby undertone.” Salsa Diane will add vibrant energy to a space within your home. If you are thinking about painting a playroom, kitchen, bathroom, or another room in a bright, lively shade, then Salsa Diane may be a viable option. 

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