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How Often Should You Paint Your Kitchen?

How Often Should You Paint Your Kitchen?

Although you may not put much thought into this, the kitchen in your home is often the most frequently used room in the house.  Consider the fact that many people eat at least two meals a day in their home.  That’s 14 meals a week.  It’s 60 meals a month.  And it’s 720 meals a year.  Not only do these numbers include when you may have been sitting at your kitchen table enjoying your meal, but this is also the amount of times that you have spent preparing your meal, cooking, cleaning, and all of the other aspects that go into eating at home.  Needless to say, the walls of your kitchen can take a beating over time, and it is important for you to care lovingly for this remarkable, useful area in your home.

     Most professional painters recommend that you repaint the walls in your kitchen about every 3-5 years.  Typically, paint that is used in a kitchen area is a durable finish, such as a gloss or semi-gloss.  This type of paint is able to withstand the occasional cleaning and scrapping off of splattered food and spilled drinks; however, even the most durable paint will not last forever.  Depending on the amount of use that your kitchen receives and the type of family that you have within your home will also depend on how often you will need to repaint the kitchen.

     Although some of the repainting decision is based on your own personal preference, it is still important that you repaint the kitchen area periodically.  Clean, fresh paint helps your home keep its’ value, as well as breathes new life into your kitchen and into your home.  Painting preparation also gives you the time to replace any painter’s tape that may have begun to peel away, or replace any wood that has received water damage, too.  New paint can have an amazing, beautiful appeal for any home kitchen and for the home chef that spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, call Noel Painting to get started on your project!

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