How The Color Schme Of A Restaurant Bar Can Affect Sales

How The Color Scheme Of A Restaurant Or Bar Can Affect Sales

Did you know that the color scheme of a bar/restaurant can affect how much people eat or drink?

The ambiance of a restaurant and bar can drastically change the dining behavior of your customers. The design and color can affect the appetite of your customers. If you want your customers to spend a long time in your restaurant, choosing the right color scheme is just as important as the menu!


Purples and Blues

It is believed that the purple and blue colors are related to toxins and can decrease appetite. In fact, blue is associated with relaxation or beverages; therefore, these tones are used in coffee houses or spas. Blues are considered to suppress appetite, so if your main focus is food sales these colors would not be ideal. The gym typically uses this color for their interior design.


Green is normally associated with health and natural food. The restaurants use earth and green tones to draw each connection. The green color has an apparent association with nature because people feel relaxed in the green rooms and intuitively feel that the food is fresh and healthy. Green shades create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere to stay awhile and order drinks and food.


Yellow is often seen as a disturbing or irritating tone, and it is used by fast food chains to encourage customers to eat speedily and leave the place. Yellow-green tones can be unpleasant in restaurants as compared to red and yellow. Bright yellows give off an energetic and fast paced feel, so if you are trying to create an atmosphere where customers are encouraged to stay and relax, steer clear.

Beige and White 

Light colors give off a relaxed feel, so people would be more inclined to stay for longer periods of time. In a small space light colors can make it look open and larger. Depending on the layout and décor light colors can make your restaurant look dull or unfinished.

Make sure you choose the best color scheme for your restaurant/bar your profits depend on it! For professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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