What Are The Different Types Of Paint Finishes

What Are The Different Types Of Paint Finishes?

What are the different types of paint finishes?

Finish is a particular kind of look that paint has after drying. Some paints offer a shiny finish, while others have a smooth finish and muted finish. It is up to you what type of finish you choose for your house. Your selected finish will determine adds to the look of your home, keep in mind some finishes are more durable and maintainable than others. Here are different types of paint finishes:



You can provide a uniform and smooth look to your home with the matte or flat finish. This surface will help you to hide all surface imperfections, such as patches, nail holes or dents, best in lower traffic areas.


This low luster finish is easy to clean and durable. It can hide minor imperfections on the surface. You can choose this finish for your minor traffic areas, such as drawing room and living room.


To add a washable and soft touch to your living room, you can use eggshell finish. These finishes are low-gloss, but are more reflective than the flat sheens. It is durable, smooth and easy to clean.

Satin Enamel: 

These paint finishes are commonly used on exterior and interior surfaces. This finish has good resistance to mildew and is easy to clean as compared to eggshell or flat finish. You will get a pearl-like appearance with this finish


Semi-gloss finish adds a bright and shiny appearance to your room. You can punch up your pale and off-white shades with semi-gloss. It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms


This finish has the most reflection and is perfect for your cabinets, doors, and trims. It is good for window casing, shutters, and door jambs. Gloss finishes require more coats compared to less glossy finishes. This finish requires more preparation and is the hardest to apply. If you want to create the shiny and brilliant and glass-like finish, you can use this finish.


Knowing the different types of paint finishes will help you achieve the desired outcome of your painting project! For professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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