How to Add a New Pop of Color with the Current Décor

Are you bored of staring at the same colors every time you walk into a room? Are you needing to find a way to freshen up the room without rearranging the furniture AGAIN? Do you want to add seasonal colors to what you already have? Well here are some tips of how to add some fresh color to your current décor.

Follow Mother Nature

A rule of thumb: colors that are present in nature together, normally go well together as paint or décor colors. Nature is pleasing to the eye; therefore, there is no reason that we shouldn’t try to follow its lead when bringing color into our home.

With that, try to help the colors within a room flow as they would when you walk out the door into nature’s backyard. According to the Fort Myers Painting experts, many people make one side of the room … too dark (therefore, “weighty” or “heavy”) versus the other side, which is light in value and tends to “float away” visually. When adding color to a room, you want to make your floor or rug the darkest value of color (just like the ground), the walls a medium value of color (just like trees and plants), and the roof the lightest (like the sky).

Include Black

Any black furniture, accent décor piece, or curtain that is in a room will help bring out other prominent colors. They will pop more when up against black.

Spice up the Room

Add a splash of color by attempting one or a few of the following:

  • Change out accent pillows. This is one of the easiest ways to add a new color to your décor. If you don’t want to purchase brand new pillows, either sew or buy a new pillow cover.
  • Spice up book shelves. Instead of a boring old brown or white bookshelf, add a splash of pattern or color to the shelves’  background.
  • Get a piece of big colorful artwork to hang in the room. On a budget? Frame your favorite wallpaper and stick it on the wall as if it were a piece of art. This is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color.
  • Sew a border onto the room’s curtains. If you are wanting to add a pop of color without splurging, purchase enough of your favorite colored/patterned color and sew it onto your bland curtains to create a colorful border.
  • Add colored furniture. You can easily refinish and/or paint furniture pieces whatever color you desire. Get a colorful rug, couch, side table, or curtains to add just enough color!
  • Add quirky accent décor. That antique teapot with vibrant yellows can be repurposed as a flower pot.
  • Get some new sheets for your bed! Easily change the main focal point in your bedroom with new, colorful bed sheets.
  • Change up your shower curtain as it is the focal point of any bathroom.
  • Add plants and flowers to your home’s décor. Use interchangeable fake flowers as center pieces. You can easily replace and change the colors in the bouquet.
  • Add a unique light fixture. This can help bring color into a room that may not have any otherwise.
  • Change seat cushions out for a new color, or reupholster/paint those wooden kitchen chairs.
  • Open shelving to show off your colorful books or dishes.
  • Peel and stick backsplash for the kitchen. This is easy to remove and change out!

Contact the Fort Myers painting experts from Noel Painting for a professional insight on how to add a new pop of color with the current décor in your home!

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