Why Homeowners Should Call a Painting Contractor

Sure you can paint the interior and/or exterior of your house by yourself; however, there are cost-effective, time-saving reasons why you should call a Fort Myers painting contractor to get the job done RIGHT instead.

Professional, Experienced Color Consultant

Not sure what colors your HOA allows? Not sure what wall to use as an accent wall? Well, professional painters have a natural eye for color combinations.

Whether you are trying to find a color that is within HOA regulation or the best match to your already base interior paint, these professionals are there to help. Hiring a local Ft Myers painting professional will more than likely ensure that they are familiar with your neighborhood and the colors allowed by the HOA. If they aren’t, they can easily do some research to ensure that you are applying the right color to the exterior of your home. Also, local, professional painters are familiar with the area’s climate. This is incredibly important in making sure the correct paint and finish is applied so that your home is not subject to the harsh weather conditions.

Lastly, many painters have the ability to offer renderings of your property with the new colors. This way you can see a digital example before the project gets underway.

More Cost Effective

When attempting a large paint job, there are a multitude of tools needed that you may not have accessible. This could be a huge investment for a DIY job; however, the best part about hiring a paint contactor is they already have all of the necessary equipment and supplies.

The painting contractor will also supply the needed paint. This is a great advantage as you no longer have to fret over paint shopping. The paint experts will know the best brands for interior and exterior paint jobs to ensure the proper element protection. Painting contractors also have great connections to paint suppliers, which means they are able to get some good deals!

If a paint job is not properly completed, it can become more costly for the homeowner. If the homeowner attempts to paint themselves and doesn’t do proper preparation or apply the paint correctly, the client may need to go back over the paint one to two more times, costing a great deal more.

Will Free Up Valuable Time

Hiring a contractor will save you time and allow you to do those other home projects that you have been putting off or spend time with friends and family! A big paint job can be a time drain if you decide to do it yourself as there is a great deal of purchasing, prepping, painting, cleaning, etc. that needs to be done.

Quality of Work / Warranties

Paint contractors have a great deal of experience with a multitude of textures. They will know the best type of paint, can make recommendations on accent walls, color combinations and tricks to mask imperfections. The paint will last longer and be done with greater detail!

They will also know the proper preparation for both an interior and exterior job. If walls and surfaces are not properly prepared or cleaned, paint jobs can begin looking worse than when you started. A paint professional will know how to treat stains and prep walls properly for the best results.

Also, many contractors will guarantee their work. That means if for some reason the paint begins to chip, they will be more than willing to come redo the job. Contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting to schedule service at your residence today!

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