how to clean painted walls

How to Clean Painted Walls

How to Clean Painted Walls

When you walk around your home, do you notice that you have some dirt marks or finger marks on your walls or doors?  Or perhaps, do you see clumps of dust that has settled along your walls or on your ceilings?  No worries!  With just a little bit of handiwork, you can clean and restore your walls, and ceiling, to its’ original splendor.  You can even do this chore, without damaging surfaces that have been painted before!  Below, you will find some tips for cleaning painted surfaces within your home.  Follow these simple steps, in order to rid your walls of unwanted marks, or to prepare your surfaces for a repainting project.

The first thing that you can do is dust your walls and ceilings.  Dust often settles along baseboards and in corners where the walls reach the ceiling.  These dust balls can be very unattractive, yet they can be very simple to remove.  Simply use a dusting rag or dusting wand, and run along your baseboards, walls, and ceilings, in order to improve the appearance of your home.

Once you have removed all of the dust, then you may still see areas of dirt or smudge marks on your walls.  A bucket of warm, soapy water should do the trick.  Use the soapy water, and a sponge, to remove all dirt from the surface of your walls, and other surrounding areas.  This may take a little more time and dedication, but the results can be significant and well worth your time.  

For stubborn marks, you may need to scrub a little bit harder, but most marks should erase pretty easily.  Don’t forget to protect your floors and carpet, by placing a cover over the floor that will catch any dripping water.  Furthermore, remember to wipe away excessive amounts of soapy water, and you may even decide to dry your wall with a drying rag, if necessary.

Many homeowners are amazed when they take the time to clean their walls thoroughly.  In fact, cleaning your walls may even extend your time between painting projects, which can be a good thing, for those people who are very busy, or are just not planning for a repainting project right now.  A little cleaning can go a long way!

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