Trim Color

How to Coordinate Trim Color and Accessories to Give Your Room a Whole New Feel

If you have painted walls, whether bold or soft, the white trim is an excellent choice to set painted walls off well.

A room with intense color or dark walls looks good with white trim to make this color look bright and clean while introducing a contrast. White trim doesn’t mean to choose stark white, but most of the paint manufacturers offer an excellent range of white from cool to warm. The light shades on the paint card may work as white to juxtapose with the color of your walls.

If you want to choose a right white, you can start with paint chip of wall color and put it on a variety pale, neutral and white chips to see which looks good. Warm creamy shades work well with warm neutrals or intense colors. Cool or clear white may look good for cool colors, such as muted and saturated.

Make Your Personal Statement

You can paint the woodwork dark than your walls to increase focus on door and window frames. If you want a colorful room, you can paint trims with a contrasting color with similar intensity to the color of your wall.

You can use your favorite majolica, dinnerware and window fabric to add colors to your room. It will be good to choose bright or light hue for major surfaces and dark color for your door and window frames. If you want a third color, you can choose a medium tone for skirting boards and window sashes. If you have pale walls, you can highlight the architectural features, doors and windows by painting all of them with contrasting or soft hue.

If you have dark trim frames, you can contrast it with cream or off-white walls. Cream walls look good with barn red, mustard yellow, muted green, blue and gray trims.

It is important to properly coordinate trim color and accessories in each of your rooms. Contact the Ft Myers painting experts from Noel Painting today for professional assistance with your residential painting projects!

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