Painting with Pets in Your Home

What Do You Need to Know When Painting with Pets in Your Home?

What do you need to know when painting with pets in your home?

Pets are more sensitive to pollutants, chemicals, and smells of paint than humans. They are smaller in size and have higher chances of severe health issues. Paint contains VOCs, solvents and harmful chemicals. We can smell odors of paints, but some of them may off-gas from your paint for numerous years. Animals face double problems because they are habitual to actively sniff their environment, lick, chew and bite things that humans don’t put in their mouths. Pets keenly ingest harmful chemicals that remain on doors, floors, and walls.

Special Paints for Pets

If you want to paint with your pet in the house, you should select special environmental friendly paint prepared for domestic animals. These are non-toxic paints free from the traditional odor that can cause nausea, respiratory issues, and headaches. This paint is also good for people who have multiple sensitivities, allergies, asthma, and problems with chemicals. With zero VOC, there is no need to worry about the paint is excellent for extra demands of your pets. This paint is free from toxins, such as toluene or formaldehyde that may release in your indoor air. This paint is safe for you, your pets and environment.

Color of Paint

You can use this paint or pet enclosures, kennels, reptile houses and bird cages. You can get this paint in hundreds of colors to give a personalized touch to your pet house. Special non-toxic paints are often used by veterinarians and breeders around the world. These paints are washable and suitable for wood or metal. You should choose the right color because the color will affect the comfort of the dog. You can choose light colors in a warm climate to keep your pet cool. Dark colors are good to absorb the heat of the sun and provide warmth to your pet.

As you can see, choosing the proper paint for a pet-friendly home is very important. Contact the Ft Myers painting experts from Noel Painting today for professional assistance with your residential painting projects!

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