how to paint your ceiling

How to Paint Your Ceiling

If you have chosen to paint your home yourself rather than hiring a professional, there are some things you should consider in order to avoid any unsightly mistakes – especially when painting your ceilings. Here are a few tips to help you avoid common errors when painting your ceiling.

How to Prepare

Painting ceiling is generally a very messy task, so you should learn how to paint your ceiling and prepare the room in order to prevent making more of a mess than necessary. First of all, you should be wearing clothes that you don’t mind ruining. Next, you should remove any furniture that you are able to, and cover any that you can’t. Lastly, cover the floor to prevent paint dripping onto it.

Furthermore, if you’re painting your ceiling a different color than the walls, you need to lay down painter’s tape at the points where the walls and ceiling meet.

Use a Brush Near The Edges

You’re going to need to use a paintbrush in order to reach the edges that your paint roller won’t be able to. Start by using a trim brush to paint the corner that your roller can’t reach, then use the roller to paint the rest before the paint from the brush dries in order to avoid lines.

Know How to Roll

What kind of roller you need depends on what type of ceiling you have. If it’s textured, use half-inch or ¾-inch nap roller. If your ceiling is smooth, go far a low nap roller. Also, unless you want to move around on a ladder, get an extension pole for your roller.

One common mistake people make is soaking their roller in paint. However, you should roll excess paint off of the roller in your tray in order to ensure that your roller is evenly coated.

Make sure to paint in straight overlapping rolls – only doing small sections at a time so that the area you’re working on doesn’t dry. Once your paint dries, examine the ceiling for any missed spots and to see if you need to apply a second coat. If so, simply repeat the same process as before.

If you have any further questions about how to paint your ceiling, feel free to Noel Painting.

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