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How To Properly Schedule Painting In a Commercial or Business Space

How To Properly Schedule Painting In a Commercial or Business Space

One of the biggest challenges for a business owner is scheduling needed projects, such as, painting, for their commercial/ business space. The challenge lies in balancing a schedule that effectively minimizes disruption of daily operations all while ensuring the project is finished in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that every business is different; therefore, the scheduling approach for a business paint job varies. We have compiled a list tips on how to properly schedule painting in a commercial space that you can cater to your operations.

Step-by-Step Plan

For doctor’s offices, stores, public buildings, etc., the best times to conduct the paint job would be weekends, at night, or over holidays. When it comes to a hospitality environment where people frequent the space on a daily basis, such as, hotels, retirement facilities, hospitals, etc. scheduling may be trickier.This is when it is imperative to know the slow times of your business. Having the knowledge of when certain rooms/ sections aren’t being used or are unoccupied can help plan painting on a rotating basis in the most effective way as to not hurt the bottom line.

Climate can also play a large part in your timeline. Planning around the more humid, rainy times can help keep exterior painting projects on schedule.


The materials that you choose directly impact the agenda. Selecting quality products over cost expedites the painting process and minimizes future lost time due to maintenance and repair projects.

Top-quality paint also provides a more durable paint film and base coat for future projects. This will result in minimal future paint prep-times and cut down on business interruption in the future.

Final Walk-Through

As a walk-through ensures that all projects are done according to plan and specifications, it is important that the manager/owner includes this on their schedule.

Schedules are imperative to commercial painting projects. These tips will help ensure that you keep business flowing while Noel Painting finishes the project in a timely manner. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!

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