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Why Are Certain Painting Bids So Much Lower Than Others?

Why Are Certain Painting Bids So Much Lower Than Others?

When working on a large project such as painting a commercial building or home, saving the most amount of money possible is always favorable. No one wants to overpay for any home improvement project. This makes going with the lowest contract painting bids tempting; however, there are some things you should be aware of before just accepting the lowest cost.

We recommend getting a minimum of 3 bids when looking to have a large job done, thoughtfully going through each one, and paying more attention to more than just the bottom line.The same job will differ company to company in the painting industry. For example, the number of coats, priming procedures, quality of materials, etc. Similar looking specifications can be incredibly different.For example, one company’s prep may include thorough power-sanding, scraping, nailing clapboards loose, caulking, removing hardware, etc., while another’s prep may just be chipping off loose paint chips. We have compiled a multitude of reasons that a bid may be lower than others to help you deduce the best choice!

  • The contractor may have lesser quality standards or may be planning to cut corners in regards to the specifications. This is normally the most likely reason for a lower bid. Painting costs are normally made up of 80-90 percent labor; therefore, if there is a lower cost, that normally means less labor is put into your job. The lack of detail/ taking shortcuts will lead to higher costs in the future due to issues.
  • The contractor may not be including details that other contractors are, such as, porch spindles, rails, window sashes, doors, etc. Be sure to double check these details. Be sure to check these details so that you aren’t slapped with a bigger bill once the contractor is on-site.
  • The contractor may not be the one actually doing the work. The plan could be to use subcontractors or day laborers which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high-quality job as he doesn’t know the people actually doing the jobs. Another obstacle is that these hired hands may not be covered by the contractor’s insurance.

All in all, the best bid is more than just the bottom line. Call Noel Painting today for the expert services you can trust!

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