How to Take Care of Painted Surfaces

How to Take Care of Painted Surfaces

How to Take Care of Painted Surfaces

There is nothing quite like the visual appeal of fresh paint on your walls, your cabinets, or your furniture. Your home can look so clean and crisp when you have a paint project complete and your paint supplies stashed away for next time. Like many of us, however, you probably find that you don’t have your walls, and other surfaces, painted every single week. Over time, you will probably notice scuff marks, fingerprints, dust and dirt, and other unattractive marks along the painted surfaces.

If you are wondering about the best way to clean your painted walls and other painted surfaces, then you will find some suggestions below. A good coat of paint can last for many years, and there are some simple tricks that you can use, in order to maintain the visual attractiveness of your painted surfaces between painting projects.

Let’s take a painted bathroom wall for an example. If you are looking at the wall and wondering how you can reestablish the beauty that it once possessed, the first thing that you should do is remove all of the dust from the surface. There are a couple of ways that this can be completed. If you have an attachment to your vacuum that is a brush attachment, then you can use that tool to remove unwanted dust particles from the wall’s surface. You can also use a dust rag, or cloth, to remove the light particles that can develop over time. Dusting the baseboards and molding around a room can also make a world of difference in the appeal and the cleanliness of a room.

If you want to continue with the enhancement of your wall, choose a soft rag or sponge, and use plain water to wipe down the painted surface. Water is a wonderful solvent and should remove most unwanted marks from the painted surface. If water doesn’t seem to do the trick, then you can add just a touch of hand soap or dish soap to a bucket of water and wipe the wall with that mixture. You may want to choose a “hidden” spot to test your mixture, just to ensure that it will not damage the paint; perhaps behind a picture frame. Clean the wall from the top to the bottom, and use circular motions, if possible.

Once the wall has been cleaned, allow plenty of time for the wall to dry. You may wish to open a window or turn on a fan, in order to help with the drying process. Proper cleaning of a painted wall will help to restore the original beauty of your painted surface and will provide you with a clean, crisp surface for a long time to come. Happy cleaning!

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