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What Can Help With Interior Color Consistency

What Can Help With Interior Color Consistency

Interior color consistency throughout your home is easy to achieve, but requires some knowledge of color. Colors can clash with one another, and they can work together.

A good place to start is to look up the color wheel online. This old tool remains basic for interior designers. The color wheel arranges colors in a circle, starting with the three basic colors of red, yellow and blue. Think of a pizza with twelve slices, with red, yellow and blue each separated by three slices. Mix blue and yellow and you have green. Then add three slices of secondary colors, made by mixing the three primary colors, tertiary colors are made by mixing secondary colors.

There are several ways to use the color wheel. One way to develop a set of colors for your home is to use analogous colors, next to each other on the wheel. Another is to use complimentary colors, across from each other on the wheel. A third is to use a color triad, of any three colors that form a triangle on the wheel.

Each color has a pure color, called hue, and each color has a tint (hue mixed with white), tone (hue mixed with grey) and shade (hue mixed with black). Using combinations of hue, tint, tone and shade of one color is still another way to develop a palette for your interior.

Another aspect is the use of warm colors such as red, yellow and orange, or cool colors such as greens and blues. Cool colors work well together, but don’t work so well with warm colors.

An aspect of many homes is sightlines. This is when you stand in one place, and see different colors in different spaces. This can be discordant if the rooms do not seem connected. Using a consistent flow through color in passageways between rooms is a way to tie the spaces together.

There’s nothing difficult about using the color wheel and other simple concepts. A little homework before you paint will result in better color consistency after you paint.

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