Mineral Inspired Paint Colors

Mineral Inspired Paint Colors

Mineral Inspired Paint Colors

Are you ever strolling through a mineral shop, or a jewelry store, and find yourself amazed at the beautiful colors of these naturally occurring substances?  There is such a wide variety of color choices among minerals and gemstones; from the brown and golden hues of a Tiger’s Eye, to the dark, deep riches of a Sapphire, to the delightful, crisp red color of a Ruby, and many other distinctive mineral hues.  If you have a particularly special color that is inspired by the many minerals in the world, and that you find attractive, then you may want to use those colors as a base for a paint color choice within your home.  From painting a single wall to an entire room, there is a vast array of paint colors available that can remind you of the pleasing feeling that you get from your favorite mineral.

     One such color, is called November Skies by Benjamin Moore.  This light gray-blue hue can easily be compared to that of an Amethyst.  It is a color option that compliments many other earthen colors, such as; tan, brown, or beige.  Blending this unique paint color into your home can be simple and quite pleasing for any room.  Similar color choices include; Sterling Silver by Glidden, Cyclone by Portola Paints, or Mineral Deposit by Sherwin Williams.

     If the yellow-orange color of a Topaz is more your style, then you may want to consider a paint color such as Fusion’s Prairie Sunset.  This unique shade of light orange can also blend easily with many other colors within your home.  A darker shade may include Sunlit Topaz by Glidden, for those that are looking for a bolder paint option.

     For someone more interested in the brown-gold colors of a Tiger’s Eye, then perhaps Sherwin-Williams’ Tigereye shade is a good choice for you.  The mystical colors of the mineral are very appealing for many people, and bringing the color into your home can create an atmosphere that brings you, and others, true joy and contentment.

     The paint choices are remarkable in today’s painting market.  Finding a color theme that inspires you is key to choosing a paint color that will work well for your home environment.  Consider the minerals and gemstones that you enjoy, and take those considerations with you the next time you are thinking about partaking in your next paint project, then let Noel Painting take care of the rest!

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