Must Have Tools for an Interior Paint Job

Have you ever walked into the paint aisles of a home improvement store and been overwhelmed by the multitude of tools available to get the job done? We have been there too! Interior painting is genuinely affordable and a great Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project for any homeowner.

As per the Fort Myers painting experts, painting your own home is neither very difficult nor does it require special training. Nevertheless, you need the correct tools to get the job done!


As all walls have a unique layout, tape is essential in painting only the desired area. Our favorite standard tape to section off trim and ceilings is ScotchBlue painter’s tape. For unique designs such as creating stripes or working around glass, we recommend FrogTape as it creates a more solid seal.


Paint tends to unexpectedly drip off the ends of paint brushes, no matter how careful one may be. In order to protect floors and furniture as well as make the job easier when it comes to clean up, we recommend laying down a Plastic Drop Cloth. These can easily be found at any home, retail or paint store.


In order to easily and evenly get paint onto whatever brush used, we advise using a paint tray. Not only does a paint tray make filling the brush easier, it also allows one to pour the desired amount of paint into the tray without using too much. This alleviates the headache of dried out paint if the project isn’t finished in a few hours.


Paint rollers allow one to cover a large area quickly. When purchasing rollers, one can get large roller frames that only need future replacement pads and/or smaller rollers for tight corners and smaller spaces.


Don’t risk a hospital bill by using a chair or table for those higher up, harder to reach places. Invest in either a step stool or ladder. Some even have a paint holder included.

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