Sneak Peak at 2017 Color Trends for Your Home

Many trends come and go just as fast as the seasons that hold them. Home colors are no exception! The right paint color can completely set the mood of a room in your house depending on what trend is prevalent. If you have thought about giving your home a color makeover in the New Year, check this out to ensure your colors are “in”.

According to the color prediction of your local Fort Myers painters, sophisticated hues will be prominent in 2017. These experts have divided their color selection into three palettes including, confident – for those who are more outgoing, composed – for those wanting to make a more subtle statement, and comfortable – meant for those who are more reserved and quiet. This collection is designed to provide colors that easily combine within a theme of composed, confident or comfortable – or that can be mixed and matched across all three.

The Confident Palette

The confident palette is for those who are adventurous at heart (aka the risk takers). The colors are very dramatic and embody fun with a great deal of expression. Colors in this palette include: spicy reds, vibrant oranges and yellows, and statement blues.

The Composed Palette

The composed palette contains earthy colors and deep jewel tones. Its biggest use is to showcase other colors in the room that may be part of the furniture or décor.  Colors in this palette include: dark grays, deep purples, and rich blues.

The Comfortable Palette

Lastly, the comfortable palette consists of muted pastels. These have a feminine, sophisticated feel and are for those that may want to be more conservative. Colors in this palette include: rusty pinks, soft golds, plush greens, and light browns.

So whether you are wanting to express yourself through adventurous wall colors or through helping the accent colors of your furniture that stand out, we are here to help you pick out the right colors to pair! Contact the Fort Myers painting experts to learn how to incorporate 2017 color trends into your home.

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