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The Best Ways To Organize And Label Your Paint Cans

The Best Ways To Organize And Label Your Paint Cans

Organizing your paint cans can be a pain, but a small investment of time and effort may save a lot of guesswork and effort in the future. If you only have a couple of cans, there won’t be a problem, but if you have more, it could cause problems in the future. How old is that one can? What color is in that other can? Which green is the one we used in the upstairs bathroom?

The best way to start is to use a label. It should be fairly large, so you can read the label on the can while it’s on a shelf. The best location for the label is on the side of the can, because for one thing, it’s easier to read and for another the tops of a can often get paint splashes that can make a label unreadable.

The label should have specific information. Use black indelible ink, magic marker is best. A big label allows you to write the information quickly and simply. What you may need to know for future projects includes how old the paint is, so put the date the label. You can use the date the paint was last used or the date it was mixed.

Where the paint has been used is also important. The color you used in the upstairs bathroom may have been one shade of green, but if you have two cans of green, which one was used? So, put the place it was used on the label, too. Other useful items for a label include the name of the color and the color number, which will make it much easier if you need to order more paint.

Labels are the key element to organizing. Make sure they are readable. You can use the original cans, although over time your collection may have a number of shapes and sizes; one solution is to buy quart containers for the remaining paint. It’s also best to keep them in one place, ideally on sturdy shelves. And remember to keep paint cans well away from heat sources and to keep small children away from paint. Contact us today for more information.

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