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Common Exterior Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Common Exterior Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Painting the exterior of a house is a major project. It will take time and effort, and it is going to cost, especially if you use quality materials. Spending time and money to paint a house is still not enough to the aesthetically pleasing look you are going for. It’s not just slapping the paint on. It has to be done right to get the result you want, and there are some common mistakes that get in the way of those desired results.

One set of mistakes relates to buying cheap paint and materials. Inferior paints are cheap and using them will result in a cheap-looking paint job. Sometimes people dilute the paint to cover more surface area, which can lead to cracking and peeling. Paint will have a recommended spread rate and for best results that must be followed.

A common mistake is not using the right kind of paint. If the previous paint was oil based, the paint used to repaint the structure should also be oil based. Related to that is choosing colors poorly. Combinations that seem really cool based on paint chips may look much different in natural light outdoors.

Another set of mistakes is related to preparation. Bare wood must be given a priming coat. Holes or cracks in the siding need to be filled, and previous paint that is peeling should be smoothed. If the exterior is not cleaned, the paint may be covering dirt and grime. Not preparing the surface may well result in near-term paint peeling and substantially detract from the desired quality result.

Still another set of common painting mistakes is to pay no attention to natural conditions. Here in Florida it’s rare that it is too cold to paint, but painting when it is too hot can cause drying to be too rapid, creating paint blisters. Painting when rain is predicted in the next 24 hours is also a serious mistake.

There is one fool-proof way to avoid these mistakes. Call in the professionals at Noel Painting. We know all of the problems, and well do it right.  Contact us today for more information.

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