Paint Color Ideas for a Baby Nursery

Paint Color Ideas for a Baby Nursery

Paint Color Ideas for a Baby Nursery

When you are planning to bring a child into your home, you know many things need to be done before the baby arrives. New parents find themselves looking for cribs, changing tables, highchairs, bassinets, and so many other items that will make everyday life more comfortable with a new baby in the house. One decorating activity you may consider is painting the baby’s room before the baby arrives. Painting a child’s nursery will set the tone for the room where your child will sleep. There are many color options for you to choose from, and you may find one of the ideas below a helpful resource for you.

A soft white or neutral beige is a wonderful choice for parents who enjoy minimalistic styles. Although stark white or whites with blue undertones can sometimes seem harsh and cold, soft white, or cream white, can provide a warm, welcoming environment. Soft white walls blend nicely with other earth-tone items that may be found in the room. If you are going to use wicker furniture or wood tone pieces, then soft white paint may be the perfect choice for you.

Another nice paint option is pale purple. Purple is often associated with calmness and peacefulness. Pale purple paint, such as lilac or lavender, will add a touch of color without being overwhelming. Purple paint can be a nice option if you are trying to choose a color that is not the traditional blue or pink that many parents use in their child’s nursery.

Speaking of blue or pink, either of these options is quite popular for a child’s room. Both colors are available in a variety of shades, so you can choose from a warm and muted paint color, or a lighter, whimsical color, as well. 

One thing for you to consider when choosing a paint color for your child’s nursery is the furniture and decorative items that you will have in the room. Think about the color scheme that brings you pleasure and peace and incorporate those color ideas into the room as much as possible. The paint color you pick for the walls should blend nicely with the other items you have within the room, and the space will prove to be a nice place for you to enjoy your time with your new baby.

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