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Paint Colors For A Small Bathroom

Paint Colors For A Small Bathroom

If you are a homeowner who has a small bathroom in your home, or perhaps a half bathroom, then you may find yourself questioning how you can make the room feel a little bigger and a little brighter.  Beyond the idea of hiring a contractor to knock down walls or add additional square footage to your home, there is a less expensive way that may achieve the results you’ve been searching for.  Paint.  That’s right.  There are particular paint colors that help to brighten a small room and will help to give the appearance of a room that is bigger and airier.  For some clever ideas, continue reading, in order to learn some tricks of the trade that will enable you to achieve some significant changes within your home’s small bathroom.

Optical illusion is the name of the game when you make the decision to use paint colors to enhance the size of a small bathroom.  The trick is to create an atmosphere where your eyes move easily around the small space.  This can be achieved in a few different ways.

Paint color is one option.  A small bathroom, even one that doesn’t have any windows, will seem brighter and larger, if the walls are painted with certain colors.  Good choices may include; cream, yellow, pearl gray, pink, aqua, soft green, or an icy blue.  White paint can also be used, however, white may not lead to the stylish, comfortable feeling that some of the other color choices will offer.

Painting the ceiling of the small bathroom is another good option.  Paint the ceiling the same color that you have chosen to paint the walls.  When the whole room is the same cheery color, your eyes will move seamlessly around the room, which will make the space seem larger.  Many homeowners stick with the typical white ceiling, no matter what color the walls are within a room; however, in a small room, white ceilings that are perpendicular to colorful walls makes the space seem choppy.  Only paint a white ceiling if the walls are white, too.

Lastly, painting stripes along the walls, or even on one accent wall, can make the room seem larger.  Vertical stripes will make a room feel taller, while horizontal stripes will make the room seem wider.  Keep the stripes in the same color palate as the base color, in order to avoid too much contrast.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you when you are trying to decide how to enhance the space of your small bathroom.  If nothing else, you may wish to give these paint tricks a try before you make a call to the home contractor!

Painting smaller rooms such as a bathroom can be tough and end up feeling and looking smaller then it is. We know all the tips and tricks to avoid that happening! Contact Noel Painting today to get started today!

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