Paint Colors That Pop!

Paint Colors That Pop!

Paint Colors That Pop!

What is that beautiful paint color that resembles the brightness of the sun or a brilliant lightbulb in a lamp? It is called Cheerful and it is manufactured by the Benjamin Moore company. Cheerful is a bold, popping yellow paint color that exhibits warmth and brilliance all at the same time. It is part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Color Collection and it can be used anywhere in the home where you want a color that makes a statement. Although it is a paint color that is not recommended for exterior paint, there are many places within a home where Cheerful would make a statement. Perhaps in a laundry room or in a bathroom, which would really add some pizzaz to an otherwise dull environment.

If green paint is more of your ideal color, then perhaps the popping shade of Ionian by Sherwin-Williams is a good choice for you. Ionian is a paint color that pops. It is a rich shade of green paint that adds character and boldness to many rooms within a home or to exterior surfaces, as well. Ionian is a vibrant paint color choice that will keep a person interested in the immediate surroundings for long periods of time.

Pink is another paint color that makes a bold statement in any room of the home. One popping pink that is undeniably bright, is called Bubble Bath by the Benjamin Moore company.  This shade of pink is manufactured with blue undertones that helps to add warmth to the fun color choice of pink. Mixed with other bold colors, such as black and white upholstered items or hot pink throw pillows, the pink shade of Bubble Bath blends nicely into many different environments.

Paint colors that pop are fun to play with and they can help to add character and dimension to many rooms within the home. Pick a room that you feel that you can play with a little bit and choose a paint color that will pop in the setting. Perhaps pick a color that will compliment something else in the room, which will help to compliment the colors throughout and will add warmth to the environment.

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