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Paint Colors to Use to Relax You and Reduce Stress

Your home should be a place where you can unwind and relax. As such, it is important that you are able to create a calming space through the strategic use of paint colors. Many studies have been conducted to understand how colors affect our moods, and the results demonstrate that colors can absolutely influence how we feel at any given moment. So, while you main lean towards certain vibrant colors for aesthetic purposes, they may not be the best choice as far as reducing your stress levels. Instead, consider some of these suggestions to help you feel more comfortable in your own home.

Earthy Greens

Certain shades of green, such as sage green, do a fantastic job of inducing relaxation as they are able to capture the serenity of nature. Paired with white, these shades of green can make your home feel overwhelmingly warm and welcoming.

Soft Blues

Light, pale shades can evoke a sense of clarity and calmness as they are reminiscent of the sky on a clear day or a still body of water. Shades of blue are a particularly safe choice as they are very easy to pair with other colors.

Neutral Colors

If you prefer to maintain a more neutral color scheme throughout your home, you might want to consider colors such as light gray, creme, or pale yellows. These colors can easily be incorporated into your home to create a warm environment without feeling too intrusive.

More Tips for a Calming Interior

Creating a relaxing home environment goes beyond the paint color that you choose, so here are a few other tips to achieve a more calming home:


  • Calming Scents – Candles and essential oils are great ways to enhance any room by bringing in relaxing, natural scents.
  • Soft Lighting – Whether it be through the use of dimmer switches, unscrewing a few light bulbs, or opting for less powerful light bulbs, toning down the artificial light sources in your home is a great way to create a more peaceful living area.
  • Decoration – Incorporating art and natural decorations such as plants in your home is a great way to bring warmth into any room.

For more information on which colors you can use to improve your home experience, feel free to contact us at Noel Painting.




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