Paint Ideas for Wooden Staircases

Paint Ideas for Wooden Staircases

Paint Ideas for Wooden Staircases

Quite often, when homeowners consider new paint colors for their home, they often think about paint colors for a hallway, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom; however, one place where a homeowner can easily add some style and pizzazz is along the risers and/or treads of a wooden staircase. Sometimes, the staircase area is overlooked by busy homeowners, but this small area in a home can add quite a significant impact on an entire setting of the environment.

If you engage in online research about paint ideas for a wooden staircase, you may be amazed at the vast array of suggestions that you will find. There are also several different home décor books available that suggest ideas for painting a wooden staircase. Paint is not the only way to go either when it comes to adding color or design to your staircase. You will find many ideas for staircase additions, such as; wallpaper, stickers, tile, carpet, runners, hand-painted murals, and so much more.

If you are interested in learning more about paint ideas for wooden staircases, then we have some ideas for you. Perhaps you would like to go with a classic and clean paint color, such as Pure White by Sherwin-Williams (SW-7005). White paint along a staircase offers a crisp and timeless appearance that will blend nicely with almost any type of home décor.

You may also wish to consider a two-tone effect for your staircase. Perhaps white risers with gray treads, navy treads, hunter green treads, yellow treads, or any other color that will highlight your space as you imagine. You could also paint the treads white and use another color for the risers; however, many experts feel that white treads will show dirt quicker than colorful treads. This is something for you to consider, as you understand the intended purpose of your own stairwell.

Other painted ideas that you may consider for your staircase include; an ombre painted appearance for the ascending staircase, painting stripes along the risers of a staircase, or painting shapes, patterns, or stenciled designs along the risers, as well.

There are so many brilliant ideas for you to explore when you want to highlight your home’s staircase with something fun and inviting for your home’s environment. Your own design and decisions for your home will enlighten your day and everyone else who enters your humble abode.

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