Painting Over Shiplap or Wood Paneling

Painting Over Shiplap or Wood Paneling

Painting Over Shiplap or Wood Paneling

Wood paneling was all the rage several decades ago, and nowadays, wood paneling and shiplap are becoming very popular once again. If you have either of these wood or faux wood, surfaces in your home, then you may consider painting them at some point. Painting shiplap or wood paneling is certainly doable, but one must follow certain procedures, in order to have a consistent, beautiful appearance. If you are considering painting your wood paneling or shiplap, in order to modernize your home’s environment, then continue reading below for a few professional tips.

The first thing for you to consider is if your wooden surface is smooth and flat. If not, then sanding the surface that you want to paint is a good idea. Paint will not stick to a surface that is rough. Once the sanding is complete, ensure that the surface is clean of all dust residue. You may wish to vacuum the surface or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Next, priming the wall is a good idea. The primer will help to seal the wood panels and will set the wall as a good surface for holding future paint color. The primer will also help to hide any odor or stains that may be naturally associated with wood paneling or shiplap.

Once your wall is set to paint, there are a couple of ways that you can proceed with the painting process. Some people may decide to use a sprayer, in order to apply the paint to the wood surface. A sprayer can be a quick, simple way to apply the paint, but consideration must be spent on dealing with overspray issues. You don’t want to accidentally paint surfaces that are not intended to be painted. Careful attention to painters’ tape and covering other surfaces will help with over spraying paint.

Another way to apply paint to a wood paneling or shiplap surface is to use a hand brush to apply paint to the grooves of the surface and then applying the rest of the paint with a paint roller. The grooves of a wood surface are one of its’ unique characteristics, but they do require a little extra attention when paint is being applied to the surface.

Painted wood paneling or shiplap walls can add great character and ambiance to any room. With just a bit of special attention, this painting project can be one that provides great rewards and appealing settings for everyone to enjoy.

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