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Painting the Island in Your Kitchen

You have probably seen in magazines, in home décor stores, or on home decorating television shows, that many people have adopted a trend of painting the island in their kitchen a different color from the kitchen cabinets.  This is an exciting trend that opens up a wealth of opportunities for creating your own style and setting a unique tone in your kitchen environment.  An island that is a different color than the rest of your kitchen, easily becomes a new focal point, and can be very attractive in your kitchen space.  However, deciding which color to paint the kitchen island requires some forethought, and perhaps even a redo, if you are not satisfied with the initial results.

Some homeowners may decide to go bold, in their color choice for a painted island.  Perhaps a red, a dark blue, or a bright yellow, may make a bold statement within your kitchen.  By paring the bold color with other kitchen items, such as a bright blender, a planter, or bar stools, you can make the bold option work nicely, as the smaller kitchen items compliment the color of the highlighted island.

Other people may choose to use a muted color tone for their kitchen island, as this move will highlight the island, but it will not seem as overwhelming as a bold color option.  Soft paint colors such as a light green, almond, or light gray are nice choices for trying to create a little variation within the kitchen, while keeping the colors calm and relaxing, too.

Others may decide to create a theme within their kitchen space, such as a black-and-white color theme.  In this case, paring a black painted island with white cabinets, or vise-versa, can really set a unique tone within a kitchen. 

When considering all of the options for painting your kitchen, and your kitchen island, consider the look that you are trying to create, and the feeling that you want to exhibit in the kitchen.  It is one of the most-used rooms within a home, so careful thought should be given to the decorating style.  However, you can always change it, if you aren’t happy with the results; which is a great thing about decorating with paint!

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