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Painting With The Color Purple

Painting With The Color Purple

People tend to either love the color purple, or they dislike it.  It seems to be one of those colors that doesn’t fall in between, perhaps because of its’ bold appearance.  Often associated with royalty, purple, when used for paint projects, has a lot to offer people who are bold enough to try it within their homes.  There are a variety of shades of purple, so finding the perfect purple color for your chosen room should not be too difficult.  Below, you will find some ideas for using different shades of purple around your home.  Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to try something new, creative, and innovative.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple color that blends nicely with gray paints and white paints, in particular.  It can be used on walls or ceilings quite easily, or even used as an accent wall, if too much amethyst seems overwhelming.  Blend rooms that are painted in amethyst with bright pops of color on furniture or accessories, in order to showcase some contrast within the room.  This color choice will illuminate any room in the house.

Periwinkle is another fine choice; one that tends to blend more of a blue tone into the purple overlay.  This is a subtle shade of purple that mixes nicely with silvers and grays.  It can be a wonderful choice for bathrooms, dining rooms, or on doors and trim work.

Lavender is a more neutral tone of purple that may work nicely for bedrooms, small offices, or any other place where you would like a pop of purple color, but with a neutral base.  Lavender shades are usually softer in tone and is often associated with romance and peacefulness.

Wine is another shade of purple that you may wish to consider.  Wine is a darker shade of purple (consider the color of a dark red wine) that can be very warm and inviting.  This color choice works nicely in a dining room or in a more formal office environment.

There are so many color choices that fall into the purple arena, that it would be impossible to list all of them.  Perhaps some of these ideas did spark an interest of purple for you when you are making decisions about your next paint project.  Purple is certainly a creative choice, and one that offers a wide world of opportunities.

There are so many different shades of each color you are bound to found something you love in the purple family! Contact Noel Painting today to get started on your next painting project!

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