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Painting Ideas For Your Media Room

Painting Ideas For Your Media Room

More and more people are creating their own personal media rooms right within their own homes.  It used to be a luxury room, served mainly for the elite and wealthy; however, with more streaming capabilities and a general desire for the average homeowner to create a personal media space all of their own that closely resembles a small movie theater, the media room is becoming more common in the average household.  If you have created, or are thinking about creating, a personal media room, then you should strongly consider the type and the color of paint that you will use within the room.  The color of the walls, and the ceiling, in your media room can greatly enhance or deplete your movie-watching experience.

As a general rule of thumb, the darker the walls in your media room are, the better the viewing experience will be for everyone.  That being said, a dark room may not be the most attractive room during the middle of the day; however, once you sit down to relax and begin one of your favorite movies, you’ll be glad that your walls are dark.  Dark walls prevent the light from bouncing off of the walls, and you will find that your viewing experience is more closely related to a genuine movie theater.  This is also true for the ceiling; the darker the ceiling is, the clearer the view on your screen will be for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, a flat paint finish will also prevent the light from bouncing around the room; thus providing you, and your guests, with a clear, crisp view of the film that you are watching.  High-gloss paints should be avoided in a media room, because the shine that high-gloss allows will interfere with your viewing pleasure.

It may be difficult for you to comprehend, but dark paint shades, such as gray, brown, or blue, make for wonderful choices on media room walls.  Better yet is the color black, although many people won’t go as daring, as painting their walls, and their ceiling, a color that is as dark as black.  The best advice is to pick a color that works for your personal preference and one that you feel comfortable with, for the walls of your personal media room.  Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

People are inspired by many different things, in this case the color or decor of your home could be based of a color you’ve seen around your property, if you would like to match a color you’ve found contact Noel Painting today!

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