painting with the color gray fort myers fl

Painting With The Color Gray

Painting With The Color Gray

Choosing a basic paint color for the interior of your home can be a tricky process, especially if you plan to keep the same paint color for a long time.  Many homeowners choose colors that are not too extreme, will match easily with their décor, is comforting on the eyes, and one that will hold their personal interest for the foreseeable future.  Beige, tan, off white, and even light gray have been popular choices in the past.  Gray has especially become quite popular in the last decade, or so, and although some people may feel that gray is past its’ prime, it is still quite friendly in some home environments.  You may consider gray as one of your color options, if you are trying to decide a base color for your home.

Gray paint is available in many different shades, so you should have no problem finding a shade that suits your home’s decor and your indoor setting.  From deep charcoal gray, silver gray, stone gray, to light and whimsical gray, the varieties are endless.  Additionally, when using a base color, such as gray, on the walls in a room, it is easy to add a splash of color with upholstery, wall hangings, trinkets, rugs, and carpet.  Gray tends to blend with just about any other color, so whatever furniture or décor you have in a room, should match reasonably well with gray walls.

The right shade of gray can be a very versatile, neutral wall color.  Gray works nicely in a foyer, a bedroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom, and even in a garage.  Gray can be found in warm and cozy tones, but it can also be a light, bright color choice.  Many homeowners, who are looking for a good, neutral color for their home, like the cool tones that the color gray can offer, versus the warmer, and sometimes duller, tan and beige tones.  Gray walls seem to lighten things up a bit and adds a style that can be unique and very home-friendly. To find the perfect shade of gray for your next project contact Noel Painting!

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