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Painting with the Color Black

Painting with the Color Black

Black paint is a color that makes a definite statement, with its’ bold appeal and classic appearance.   More and more homeowners are choosing to use black paint for a variety of projects around the home.  If you are thinking about using black as a paint choice, then continue reading for some of our ideas.

Black can be a color that is overwhelming, or moody, for some homeowners; however, strategically placed, black can a very wise choice for almost any room within the home.  Consider, for instance, painting just a portion of a room, in order to create a unique environment.  One way to do this, is to paint just the ceiling of a room.  Whether you paint the ceiling of a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining room, or a living room, black paint can draw the eye upwards to this classic choice.  If you use a matte finish, then the black will absorb light and will create a mysterious, interesting vibe.  A glossy ceiling will reflect light, and will promote more of a modern vibe within a room.

Also, another small part of a room that you could use with black paint, is to paint an accent wall.  A dark accent wall will draw a person’s eyes to that focal point, so choose a wall that makes the most sense to you.  A wall that does not have many obstacles, such as a door or windows, will make the most statement.  An accent wall is a wonderful way to use a dark color, such as black, because you will be able to tie in other furnishings around the room, while not being too overwhelming with this one dark color.

Another way to highlight, or define, a room, while using black paint, is to paint your trim this outstanding color.  Black can easily be used on interior doors, baseboards, window frames, or molding.  The black trim work outlines any room and creates a warmth, unlike anything else. 

In conclusion, black paint is certainly a paint color that you can be creative with, and have some fun with, while creating a unique home atmosphere.  It may not be for everyone, but if you are so inclined to use black paint, then the options are limitless for your own home decorating ideas.

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