Painting Your Front Door Can Completely Change The Look of Your House

Painting Your Front Door Can Completely Change The Look of Your House

Painting Your Front Door Can Completely Change The Look of Your House

I am sure you have seen one of the shows on HGTV where they paint the front door a bold color, or that you have driven down a street and saw a home with a colorful front door that stands out. There are many reasons that people have painted their front doors various colors.

Rethinking an entire exterior color scheme change can be overwhelming. Painting your front door can be one of the easiest ways to freshen your home’s curb appeal up as well as change the feel of your home from the get-go. Here are many ways that painting your front door can change the look and feel of your house based on its color.


Yellow is an incredibly inviting color! Nothing says “welcome to our happy home” quite like a sunny, lively yellow front door. A yellow front door will draw eye’s to your home’s entryway and create an inviting curb appeal.


Hues of blue on a front door compliment really any architecture and blend well with landscaping of all kinds. They create a fun and trustworthy entry way. Bright blues will contrast with more neutral exterior color schemes while a more muted blue is a more versatile.


You may be thinking – doesn’t this fall into the blue category? Well yes, and no. These blues are so strong that they need their own explanation. Aqua blues are soothing while turquoises are more vibrant. The hues in these categories of color are so vast that they can truly suit any style and personality. So whether you are wanting a more natural feel or something a little more spunky, this color can really give your entry way a new feel.


Red is a color that really creates a statement. The statement can vary greatly depending on the shade of red though. Bold reds compliment modern architecture while deeper, more traditional reds pair well with colonial and classic architectures.


Black is very simple and elegant, especially with a sleek, glossy finish. Black pairs well with almost every other color imaginable; therefore, it is very versatile. When painting the front door black, ensure it doesn’t blend into the background by changing up the trim color to something like white.


If you are wanting to have a naturally energetic entry to your home, green is the color for you. Green tones can span from muted to bold and bright. Every shade creates a fresh look as they work well with landscaping and can be tinted to match any brick, wood, or vinyl siding.

Choose a color that will match your personality and bring your desired curb appeal feeling to the entry way of your home! Contact the experts today from Noel Painting for everything related to residential painting. Give us a call for more information!

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