Peachy King

Peachy King

Peachy King

Peach-inspired paint colors can add a wispy, airy shade of color to just about any room within your home. Like all paint colors, peach-themed colors are available in a wide array of tones and hues. Consumers can find dark, bold peach paint that may resemble the outer layer of a ripened peach or the skin of the peach. You can also find very light-colored peach paints, such as the inner part of a barely ripened piece of fruit. Upon further investigation, you will see there is a myriad of peach-inspired paint colors from which to choose. Depending on your paint ideas and sense of style, you will be able to find a shade that is perfect for your next paint project. 

One color you may want to consider if you are looking for a light, whimsical shade of peach paint in Peach Parfait by Benjamin Moore. This airy shade has white undertones that allow the peach paint to blend nicely with white furniture, as well as tan, brown, or black décor, too. Peach Parfait is like a breath of fresh air. This option adds a bit of blush color to any room, but it is not overwhelmingly bold. It is a color that blends nicely into the background so you can decorate easily with a wide array of furnishings and knick-knacks.

Fresh Peaches by the Behr paint company is a bolder option that you might want to consider if you wish to make a more definite peach statement within a room. Fresh Peaches are soft and warm. The paint color has a few orange undertones that can complement a variety of home decorating styles. If you like the paint color but find it may be too bold to use on every wall within a room, then you may consider using Fresh Peaches on an accent wall or for some type of design on a given wall area. 

One more paint option you may want to consider is a Sherwin Williams product. This company has many shades of peach-inspired paint in their inventory, but we would like to highlight one called Peach BlossomPeach Blossom offers a medium shade of paint that has undertones of pink. This is a soft, inviting shade of peach that can be used as an interior or exterior paint. This shade of peach will complement a variety of home décor options.

If you are thinking about using a peach-inspired paint color for your next project, then you will be excited to learn there are a lot of options from which to choose. With a little bit of planning and comparing a variety of paint colors, you will find a color that will be “peachy king” for your home.

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