Effects Of Different Colors

What Are The Psychological Effects Of The Different Colors?

What Are The Psychological Effects Of The Different Colors?

By now you probably have heard that different colors can spark different emotions in humans and can have a significant effect on your daily life. This is most certainly true and anyone who is painting a house or an office should be aware of this as well as know what colors correlate with which emotion. Having this information will allow you to paint each room based on what emotion you want to feel in that room.


Purple is the ideal color if your goal is to have a room which inspires creativity and peace. By utilizing both blue and red, purple is both calming and stimulating to the senses which makes it perfect for a home or office space. Lighter purple is more on the calming and less on the stimulating side than its darker counterpart.


If you want a calming and restful area, green or blue are your best bet for a color. This is because these colors have been shown to have a calming and relaxing effect on the human brain. This is because your retinas focus directly on these colors which means that your eyes have to strain less overall. This makes these perfect colors for high-traffic rooms as well as bedrooms.


Yellow and orange have been shown to stimulate people’s appetite which makes them perfect for a kitchen and dining area. This is the main reason that they are used so liberally in restaurants because they have been shown to make a person’s tummy growl and are often associated with food. However, too much use of this color can cause an overly stimulated environment and can do some damage to your diet so you will want to use them sparingly throughout your home. They can even cause irritation to your eyes because these colors reflect more light.


White will open up a space and make it appear larger and cleaner while black does the opposite. However, black also gives the sense of authority and strength. Black in particular should be used very sparingly because it inspires feelings of depression and confinement.


Companies and brands have used color psychology for years in their marketing in an attempt to inspire the feelings that they want customers to associate with their product. This is one of the most useful and brilliant ploys that marketing departments use because it is all subconscious which means that the customer doesn’t even know it’s happening.


Overall, it is safe to say that cool toned colors tend to lean more towards the calming and creative side of the spectrum whereas warm toned colors offer a great deal of stimulation for the human brain. This should give you an idea of which tones should be in which part of the house


These are just a few of the ways that colors can affect your mood, whether that be good or bad. The important part is knowing what each color is best for and knowing how to implement it into your household to get the most out of these emotion-inducing colors


When choosing a color for your next painting project, make sure the color benefits the mood of the room. For professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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