Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red

Red roses are one of the most distinctive types of flowers. Many people associate red roses with love, courage, beauty, or purity. Red roses are available in deep, rich shades, as well as lighter shades of red. If you are a lover of the red rose, then you may want to incorporate the beautiful color of the rose into your home and throughout your personal living space. A great way to bring that red color into your home is through paint.

 If you have been looking for red paint ideas that resemble the richness and depth of a red rose, then you may find some options below. We have a few ideas for you to consider for your next red paint project.

Brinjal (#222) by Farrow & Ball: This red paint is a dark, emboldened color that resembles the color of an aging red rose or one that has just withstood a downpour of rain on a cloudy afternoon. This dark red is a little moody with undertones of purple that enrich the color shade, unlike anything else.

Ravishing Red (#2008-10) by Benjamin Moore: Ravishing Red is a bold, bright, and feisty color that offers faint undertones of black. This color choice is a genuine, creamy red that will add character and classic charm to any room in your home.

Blood Rose (#T11-4) by Behr: This iconic color option is another red paint that offers undertones of purple but with a light shade that also adds brilliance to a space. Blood Rose is a defining color option that will highlight a room through painting the trim work or an accent wall but can enhance a room with full coverage paint, too. 

Coral Bells (SW 6593): If you are interested in a red rose-inspired paint color that offers undertones of orange, then Coral Bells may be a wonderful choice for your next paint project. This distinctive color option offers the brightness and brilliance of a vibrant orange-red rose. It will add character to your bathroom, dining room, den, playroom, bedroom, or many other rooms within your home.

A red rose is a beautiful sight to many people. If you are inspired by this unique flower, then choosing a similar paint color to use in your home can remind you of the rose that is so attractive to you!


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